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This page contains extra supporting information for the Guide to the Geology of Islay including updated information/errors, GPS files and a blog.

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GPS files
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Excursion 12
Excursion 11
Excursion 10
Excursion 9
Excursion 8
Excursion 7
Excursion 6
Excursion 5
Excursion 4
Excursion 3
Excursion 2
Excursion 1

Some New Notes on the Excursions:

Excursion 4 - Machir Bay to Saligo Bay A small igneous intrusion of syenitic composition can be found at Saligo Bay at Locality 4.8 about 50m to the N of the large dolerite dyke. It is similar to the intrusion at Locality 4.2. It is not shown on the map in the book but a revised map can be viewed here.  Excursion 4 new map

Excursion 9 - NE Islay An ATV track now links the coastal track to the Dubh Loch starting about 1 km N of the bridge over the Margadale River near [NR 41680 74380]. This is about 1/2 km south of the burn noted in the book and the ATV track can be followed to Dubh Loch from here which is easier than the route described in the book. It is possible to get a boatman to meet you at the lighthouse and take you back to Bunnahabhainn if the weather/tides are right! Saves that long walk back! I have produced a detailed 1:10,000 map of the coastal section. (NB The map is at 1:10k only if printed at A3) Excursion 9 1:10k field map

Excursion 10 - Kilnaughton Bay Unfortunatly the kyanite locality 10.1 has been partly destroyed (see blog entry) and the nice brown rosettes of kyanite shown on photo W10.3 are mostly gone however there are some white 1-2mm blades of white kyanite visible at various horizons if you look hard in the right place!. 

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