Ring Ouzel

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This species has been recorded at locations shown on this map.

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Red dots on the maps indicate individual records with an accuracy of 1 km or better. Black squares are centred in those 10 km squares of the national grid in which there is at least one record at 10 km accuracy.

Date Gridref Site Quantity Recorder Comment
17/08/1957 NR2370 Sanaigmore 1 Walker, A.F.G Probably 2.
26/08/1957 NR2370 Sanaigmore 1 Walker, A.F.G. and probably another
01/10/1975 NR5070 Glas Bheinn, Jura 1 Youngson, P Cock bird observed by W McDonald.
27/10/1975 NR3545 Port Ellen 1 Speed, D. with Blackbirds (SB 9:4)
18/10/1976 NR2053 Easter Ellister 1 Dawson, R.
19/10/1976 NR1651 Orsay 1 Unknown Imm. male.
19/10/1976 NR1651 Orsay 2 Dawson, R. (1; immature; wing 140 mm) killed at light
20/10/1976 NR2940 Beinn Mhor, RSPB The Oa 3 Dawson, R.
30/10/1976 NR3445 Kilnaughton 1 Dawson, R. flying E
30/10/1976 NR2053 Easter Ellister 1 Verrall, K.
04/11/1976 NR3154 Duich 1 Andrews female 1st seen in 30 years
06/11/1976 NR3556 Avenvogie Farm 1 Jackson, G.
11/06/1977 NR6496 Glen Garrisdale, Jura 1 Roworth, P
27/10/1977 NR2370 Sanaigmore 1 Unknown visitor juv or female
27/10/1977 NR2370 Sanaigmore 1 Unknown Juv or female.
01/08/1979 NR6488 Fishing Loch, Ardlussa 0 Burton, H & Taylor, B & P No sightings but sounded like this bird in bracken/ reed/ grass area.
13/04/1980 NR2667 Kilchoman Schoolhouse, RSPB Loch Gruinart 1 Miller, T.
28/10/1980 NR3445 Kilnaughton 1 Powell, S.
18/09/1987 NR4356 Beinn Bheigeir 1 Groves, J
29/07/1993 NR4970 Jura (unspecified location) 1 Harding, M.C. & J. ad M Grid ref. 536745 S slopes of Corra Bheinn- moon shaped white collar and alarm call.
29/03/1994 NR2468 Coille 1 Madders, M. M
29/06/1994 NR3961 Cachlaidh Mhor 1 Kyle, J. Sitting on fence post
22/10/1994 NR1755 Lossit Bay 1 ap Rheinallt, T. F
16/10/1996 NR2168 North-west Rhinns 1 Leckie, F.
16/10/1996 NR1751 Rhinns Point 1 ap Rheinallt, T.
15/04/1997 NR2154 Octofad 1 Unknown visitor
24/10/1998 NR2641 Mull of Oa, RSPB The Oa 1 Stephens, M. Also seen by another observer
24/10/1998 NR3045 The Oa, RSPB The Oa 1 Stephens, M. Single bird near monument. Seen by another person.
27/10/1999 NR2163 Kilchoman 1 Unknown visitor Identified by sight & call
07/05/2001 NR2259 Gearach 1 Parsons, S.
20/10/2005 NR4279 Rhuvaal 2 Cobb, S Pair with redwings feeding on rosehips.
15 Aug 1885 NR1651 Orsay 1 Rhinns Lighthouse