Festuca ovina agg.

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This species has been recorded at locations shown on this map.

See below for details of individual records.

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Red dots on the maps indicate individual records with an accuracy of 1 km or better. Black squares are centred in those 10 km squares of the national grid in which there is at least one record at 10 km accuracy.

Date Gridref Site Quantity Recorder Comment
31/05/1987 NR2842 Killeyan - Kinnabus, The Oa (NR24W) 0 Matthews, J. =9/1641982
01/07/1987 NR2872 Ardnave (NR27W) 0 Matthews, J. =9/1640801
18/07/1987 NR2942 Kinnabus+Loch Kinnabus. 0 Matthews, J. =9/1641840
23/07/1987 NR2873 Ardnave (NR27W) 0 Matthews, J. =9/1641347
23/07/1987 NR2973 Ardnave (NR27W) 0 Matthews, J. =9/1640967
23/08/1987 NR2170 Gleann Tuath 0 Matthews, J. =9/1641101
10/07/2003 NR27W Ardnave 0 Tristan ap Rheinallt 1st visit of 5
03/07/2004 NR57A Glas Bheinn, Jura 0 Lynne Farrell Other observers: Wendy McCarthy, Alison Moss, Martin Stead, Stephen Bungard, Jim McIntosh
03/07/2004 NR57J Glenbatrick, Jura 0 Lynne Farrell Other observers: Stephen Bungard, Jim McIntosh, Louise Gregory
07/07/2004 NR27A Gleann Tuath 0 Malcolm Ogilvie