Neottia cordata

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This species has been recorded at locations shown on this map.

See below for details of individual records.

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Red dots on the maps indicate individual records with an accuracy of 1 km or better. Black squares are centred in those 10 km squares of the national grid in which there is at least one record at 10 km accuracy.

Date Gridref Site Quantity Recorder Comment
1930 NR39 Colonsay (mid) 0 Unknown (Atlas record)
1930 NR49 Colonsay (north) 0 Unknown (Atlas record)
1970 NR34 Oa (east): Risabus to Laphroaig 0 Unknown (Atlas record)
1970 NR4098 Kiloran Bay, Colonsay 0 Clarke & Clarke In moss under heather. Rare.
1970 NR3695 Kilchattan, Colonsay 0 Clarke & Clarke In moss under heather. Rare.
1970 NR3689 Oronsay 0 Clarke & Clarke In moss under heather. Rare. Not recorded recently at this site.
1970 NR3792 Central Colonsay 0 Clarke & Clarke In moss under heather. Rare.
1987 NR46 Islay (north-east): McArthur's Head to Caol Ila 0 Unknown (Atlas record)
1987 NR58 Jura (central west): Tarbert to Rainberg Mor 0 Unknown (Atlas record)
1987 NR4299 Colonsay (north-east) 0 Unknown (Atlas record)
1987 NR26 Rhinns (central): Gorm to Gruinart 0 Unknown (Atlas record)
1987 NR36 Islay (central north): Bridgend to Ballygrant 0 Unknown (Atlas record)
1987 NR46 Islay E or Jura SW (=NR46) 0 Unknown (Atlas record)
1987 NR39 Colonsay (mid) 0 Unknown (Atlas record)
15/06/1986 NR4066 Ballygrant Woods 0 Moore, P. Many
15/07/1986 NR4066 Ballygrant Woods 250 Ogilvie, M.A. Under trees
24/06/1988 NR4066 Ballygrant Woods 2 Yates, P. All found
15/07/1991 NR4066 Ballygrant Woods 150 Ogilvie, M.A. good year
15/07/1991 NR4262 Glen Logan 1 Weir, T. in heather on upper slopes
02/05/1993 NR4066 Ballygrant Woods 0 Johnson, C At least 100 spikes in one patch under beeches, top end of loch.
02/05/1993 NR4066 Ballygrant Woods 100 Ogilvie, M.A. At least this number of spikes
10/05/1994 NR4066 Ballygrant Woods 1000 Yates, P. & G. Estimated
01/06/1998 NR3069 Coill'a'Chorra Ghoirtein 4 Gulliver, R. & M. 308695
04/05/2002 NR4066 Ballygrant Woods 3 Gulliver, R. & M. In bloom on 2nd limestone ridge from track at 411668
07/03/2004 NR57J Glenbatrick, Jura 0 Farrell, L., et al At NR52517931
03/07/2004 NR52517931 E of Glenbatrick R. Site 2 0 Lynne Farrell Other observers: Wendy McCarthy, Alison Moss, Martin Stead, Stephen Bungard, Jim McIntosh
03/07/2004 NR57J Glenbatrick, Jura 0 Lynne Farrell At NR52517931. Other observers: Stephen Bungard, Jim McIntosh, Louise Gregory
29/05/2005 NR4066 Loch Ballygrant 0 Oxenford, J