Cetorhinus maximus

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This species has been recorded at locations shown on this map.

See below for details of individual records.

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Red dots on the maps indicate individual records with an accuracy of 1 km or better. Black squares are centred in those 10 km squares of the national grid in which there is at least one record at 10 km accuracy.

Date Gridref Site Quantity Recorder Comment
27/06/2005 NR2558 Port Charlotte, Loch Indaal 1 Unknown 20m off shore.
07/08/2005 NR4369 Port Askaig 1 Unknown Close in by jetty.
21/08/2005 NR4369 Port Askaig 1 Garnham, D Around 3m long, probable immature. Seen twice on 21/8 and again on 4/9.
14/06/2006 NR4045 Lagavulin Bay 1 Newman, G 1.5 miles S of Lagavulin. Approx. 22ft long. Feeding.
15/06/2006 NR4370 Sound of Islay 1 Richardson, S Seen from Islay entering Sound.
13/08/2006 NR4369 Port Askaig 1 Garnham, D 3-4m long. Seen by fishermen on 13/8 and by ferry skipper on 14/8.
13/08/2006 NR4173 Bunnahabhain 1 Williamson, B Swimming lazily around for about an hour.
13/08/2006 NR2961 Loch Indaal (unspecified) 1 Wiggins, K
09/06/2008 NR3545 Port Ellen 1 Alan Ramsay Adult 2.30pm heading
31/07/2008 NR4269 Caol Ila 1 John hyde 12.40pm watched for feeding 10mins
20/08/2008 NR1651 Orsay 5 Visitor In Group
16/08/2009 NR0101 From ferry, Port Askaig to Kennacraig 1 Becky & James williamson Quite choppy water
18/08/2009 NR1651 Port Wemyss 3 Judith Pearson 1 large 2 small
27/07/2010 NR2961 Loch Indaal (unspecified) 1 Visitor
08/08/2010 NR1652 Portnahaven 1 Ian & Margaret Brooke it was great
13/08/2010 NR2370 Sanaigmore 0 Bob Davidson
14/08/2010 NR2755 Laggan Point 10 James Brown, Iain Mitchell GREAT! One about 20'
26/08/2010 NR4370 Sound of Islay 6 Fiona McGillivray Swimming very close in
06/08/2011 NR1652 Portnahaven 1 John Armitage
12/08/2011 NR1651 Port Wemyss 2 Jackson/Wodrich family
17/08/2011 NR1653 Claddach 0 Paul Kirkland
24/08/2011 NR2974 Ardnave Point 1 Mark Shield
26/08/2011 NR2053 Easter Ellister 23 Jane Dawson
28/08/2011 NR1652 Portnahaven 5 Visitor