Cosmorhoe ocellata

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This species has been recorded at locations shown on this map.

See below for details of individual records.

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Red dots on the maps indicate individual records with an accuracy of 1 km or better. Black squares are centred in those 10 km squares of the national grid in which there is at least one record at 10 km accuracy.

Date Gridref Site Quantity Recorder Comment
01/06/1972 NR2053 Easter Ellister 0 Pilcher, R.E.M. Acid moorland scrub
29/08/1974 NR273432 Lower Killeyan 0 Harper, M.W. coastal cliffs
15/08/1979 NR4654 Ardtalla 0 Harley, B.
15/08/1987 NR4654 Ardtalla 0 Harley, B.
25/07/1996 NR2866 Gruinart Flats, RSPB Loch Gruinart 0 Young, M., & Harper, M. In garden of L.Gruinart House
25/07/1996 NR1653 Claddach 0 Young, M., & Harper, M.
25/07/1996 NR2370 Sanaigmore 0 Young, M., & Harper, M. And south to Saligo (NR26)
01/08/2000 NR2558 Port Charlotte 1 Whitehouse, A. 1 night in month
17/07/2003 NR4654 Ardtalla 2 Harley, B. 2300 hours to c.0410 hours
22/07/2003 NR3057 Clachantachree 1 Little, B.H. & S.C.
05/06/2005 NR1955 Ballimony 1 Gudge, J & A Caught in moth trap.
18/06/2007 NR395978 Colonsay 1 Paul Bryan
19/06/2007 NR395978 Colonsay 1 Paul Bryan
22/06/2007 NR395978 Colonsay 2 Paul Bryan
26/07/2009 NR2767 Loch Gruinart 0 Gruinart Staff recorder:Mark Young
08/08/2010 NR2560 Bruichladdich garden 1 Malcolm Ogilvie O/N low temp 8.4 C