Leatherback Turtle

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This species has been recorded at locations shown on this map.

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Red dots on the maps indicate individual records with an accuracy of 1 km or better. Black squares are centred in those 10 km squares of the national grid in which there is at least one record at 10 km accuracy.

Date Gridref Site Quantity Recorder Comment
1975 NR1751 Rhinns Point 1 MacLellan, A Mid 1970s. Likely to be this species. 12 miles off Rhinns, swimming N. 6' long and green/ yellow in colour.
1984 NM670124 Garbh Eileach, Garvellochs 0 Duncan Philips Some damage to carapace. No PM carried out. Samples being sent to Bob Reid.
1986 NR1755 Lossit Bay 1 McArthur, J 1 mile W of Lossit Bay. Sighting from boat. Almost certainly this species. Grey in colour.
1995 NR3777 Rubha Bholsa 1 Woodrow, K Entangled in lobster pot buoy line between Rubha Bholsa and the Post rocks.
01/09/1978 NR615954 Glendebade Bay, Jura 0 Scottish Natural History Library Grey in colour, ridges on carapace.
01/08/1995 NR397789 Rhuba Bholsa to Post Rocks 0 Kenneth Woodrow
17/10/1999 NR291554 Laggan, Isle of Islay 0 Dr Malcolm Ogilvie to Bob Reid Carapace length given as approx.1 metre and found near Dun Ghallain.
10/11/2000 NR355942 Tobar Fuar, bay N of, Colonsay 0 Unknown Brought to Richard Gulliver on 1st March, having been found by visitors to the island 7-10 days earlier. Overall length 37cm, weight 6kg / POSSIBLY KEMP'S RIDLEY / PHOTOS TAKEN
01/09/2005 NR4370 Sound of Islay 1 Ferguson, D Sighted at 100yrds. NE of Port Askaig swimming N.
01/09/2005 NR454790 Sound of Islay, NE of Port Askaig 0 Dougal Ferguson, Islay
22/09/2005 NR264605 Loch Indaal, south of Bruichladdich 0 George Jackson Missing head and one flipper.
01/08/2006 NR2558 Port Charlotte, Loch Indaal 1 Hayes, G Sighted at 150 yrds. Grey in colour, ridges on carapace.
01/08/2006 NR269574 Loch Indaal, Port Charlotte 0 Graham Hayes Reported as looking 'not healthy' . Could not be relocated. Presumed to be in bay rather than stranded - more info sought
11/10/2006 NR1652 Portnahaven 1 Unknown Reported to SNH. Poss. poor condition.
11/10/2006 NR165521 Portnahaven Bay 0 Louise Gregory Carapace 2-3 feet across. Remains found by local fishermen. Dr Olgivie went to investigate, but the carcass had been washed away